CCTV Installations

Reliable CCTV Installation in Johannesburg, Gauteng

CCTV remains one of the best ways to keep an eye on things while at the same time keeping criminals away. CCTV installation in Johannesburg and surrounding areas, ais a fairly straight forward process but it can be compromised when it is not completed the right way, by a professional team.

Volts Electrical focuses on a variety of electrical and home automation related services, including the installation of CCTV systems. Our CCTV installations are available throughout Gauteng, including Kempton Park, Boksburg, Centurion, Randburg, Sandton, Roodepoort, and Midrand.

We cater to a number of both basic and highly specialised projects, and always aim to give our clients the exact service they are looking for.We work in all sorts of environments, which include commercial and residential areas, as well as big factories and warehouses. Our services are applicable for all kinds of industries and are guaranteed to suit whatever needs you might have, no matter how specific they are.

Our team has tackled shopping centres, private residential homes, big and small car parks, and all sorts of business premises. We are experienced when it comes to both designing camera layouts and doing the installation of the CCTV cameras. We know exactly how to position the cameras so that they cover all areas in such a way that the visuals are clear and so that you can see every part of your shop, home or factory.

The CCTV cameras that we install each come with their own characteristics, and can be hooked up to 24 hour recorders and infrared sensors. To improve the efficiency of the cameras and to add an extra touch of security, the camera infrared sensors can set off floodlights, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Without an extensive CCTV system setup, business can be left quite vulnerable to intruders and staff related stock theft. And homes can be equally vulnerable to intruders, especially if the property is large and doesn’t allow you to easily have eyes on all parts of it.

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The Benefits of Expert CCTV Installation

While there are many fly by night companies who say they are the best at what they do, CCTV installation is far more intricate than you’d think. It’s not just a matter of installing the camera and making sure that it stays in place. The real professional CCTV installers will make sure that they pay special attention to exactly where the cameras are placed.

Angles most certainly matter and the biggest benefit of working with an expert CCTV installation company is that they understand just how to place the cameras. They are also going to be more willing to sit with you and discuss your exact requirements.

Expert installation companies can provide the best prices for the particular installation you are looking for. Having set up relationships over the years with the industries very best suppliers, prices can be kept low which ensures that the overall project budget is well within your means.

Installation companies are also fantastic to work with when it comes to carrying out repairs and maintenance. Although the best companies will make sure that they only use high quality products that will most certainly have a long lifespan, there are those occasions when the camera is damaged in some way, or malfunctions. This is especially the case if the camera is placed in an outdoor area.

As a part of the services that the best companies have to offer, maintenance and repairs are often a part of the deal and they come in particularly handy when the camera that is out of service is in a very important spot. The professionals are in the best position to carry out the repairs not only because they have the experience when it comes to working the cameras and associated system, but they also have extensive knowledge about the specific brands that have been used.

They will also often have a connection or relationship of some kind with the brand manufacturer, which helps when in depth information or support is needed.

Do you need a CCTV system?

If you want to improve your security and have your eyes on your company, then the answer is yes. But there are many more reasons for having a CCTV system than just these two.

Lower Insurance Rates

Should you have insurance cover on your home or business, one of the best ways to lower your rates is by improving your security. Having a CCTV system installed will help to make insurance more affordable and it will certainly go a long way towards keeping criminals away.

A Sense of Peace

For anyone who might be a little nervous about their security, especially those who own a factory or business full of pricey products, CCTV systems will give them a sense of peace when they know that they can always keep an eye on their merchandise.


When compared with other security systems, CCTV is actually a whole lot more affordable than you’d think. The actual setup is really affordable, while it is also sure to pay for itself in time. The system also won’t break your budget when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

Improve Productivity

Although this does not seem like a benefit at first, having CCTV can improve your company’s productivity, as it is generally something that will encourage employees to be more productive. And while the system will improve the security for your products, it is also going to provide security for your staff.

Overall, installing a reliable CCTV system is the right thing to do. Volts Electrical is one of the Gauteng province’s foremost installation companies and we know exactly what it takes to make sure that your system is suitable for your needs. We meet our clients to discuss where they’d like their cameras placed and we create a map layout, so that they can get a visual idea about where the cameras will go.

To find out more about our service or to book a consultation, you can contact our team. Now is the best time to install CCTV and our team can quickly have you setup.