Electrical Inspection &
Certificate of Compliance

Trusted Electrical Certificate of Compliance in Gauteng

As a company with years of experience working as electricians, Volts Electrical has created a wide range of related services, and among those services, we offer electrical inspections in Gauteng for those clients who want to be sure that their electrical installation is safe. Our team of electricians in Sandton operate throughout the province.

Living without electricity is impossible these days, but it shouldn’t be unsafe or pose a danger to your home or business. Whether you are looking to have your current electrical installation given the once over, or if you are having a new installation put in place, electrical inspection is a must.

Volts Electrical offers thorough electrical inspections for buildings of all kinds. From private residential homes and small businesses, to budding corporates and massive factories and warehouses, our team of professionals are ready and waiting to assist you in any way that we can.

We know exactly what to look for and we can identify potential issues that could turn into major problems and can prevent you from getting an electrical certificate of compliance.

Volts Electrical is certified with the relevant authorities to be electrical inspectors.

Not only do we carry out an electrical inspection to ensure your safety, but our inspections are also done to ensure that the electrical system is in line with government and municipal rules and regulations.

While an electrician could go through your home or building and simply say that everything is in order, the only way that you can make it official in the eyes of the regulators is to be issued with a certificate of compliance. And this can only be issued by a registered electrical company.

What is an electrical inspection?

It’s not as simple as just lightly looking over the electrical installation. Electrical inspections consist of carefully checking wiring, plugs, light fixtures, and any other electrical connections that you may have in your building.

It can take a few hours to complete, depending on the size of the building and amount of connections and wiring needed to be checked. It is not a process that can be rushed. Should the building be quite large, it could take a full team of electricians to check everything, and make sure that all is safe and working.

Not only will the electricians check for damage, but they will also make sure that, especially in the case of a building, the necessary safety signs are in place. And the electricians are also going to check if the connections, wiring and other parts of the installation and suitable for the purpose for which they have been placed.

The wiring is one of the more complicated parts of the electrical set up to check. Electricians will want to see if the wiring is damaged or frayed, and as you can imagine, it is quite a task all on its own. Wiring is generally deeply embedded in the walls, floors and ceilings, making inspection difficult for those who are not experienced. The wiring is checked for weak points and damage, and recommendations to fix the wiring will be given to the client, to improve the safety of the wiring before a certificate can be given.

Electricians will also have a close look at the meter, to ensure that it is still recording the correct electrical usage, while they are also going to make sure that the meter is properly installed, is not rusted or showing signs of water damage and doesn’t show signs of wear and tear, especially on the mechanisms.

Why do you need an electrical inspection

An electrical inspection is not just done for the issuing of a certificate of compliance. There are quite a few other purposes for having an electrical inspection done.

Fire Prevention

Any electrical faults, whether it is frayed wiring or a damaged outlet, can become a very real fire hazard. One electrical short circuit can unleash untold damage or even death, and an electrical inspection is one of the best ways to prevent this from happening. Inspectors know the signs of such risks and they can quickly identify and in some cases, rectify them. 

Surge Protection

Unstable or insecure electrical setups can result in power surges which can damage and destroy appliances and even create a short circuit, which in turn can become a fire hazard. Surges are not just the result of wear and tear or a bad installation, but they are also the result of storms and sometimes even the power grid. Inspectors can check wiring to see if it could possibly be problematic.


No one wants to be shocked by an appliance or electric fitting. Not only is it a painful experience, but it can also lead to other problems. At the same time, an appliance or fitting that shocks, can be itself damaged by the surge. Again, an inspector can identify the problem and fix it.

Once the inspection is complete and the inspector finds that everything is in order, they can issue you with a certificate of compliance. This certificate will prove to anyone who asks, that your electrical installation has been fully inspected and is safe.

When you work with Volts Electrical, you will not only receive an affordable and reliable service, but our team will also make sure that all of the necessary paperwork is complete and submitted so that you can be issued with the certificate.

Our quality electrical inspection service is carried out by our experienced in-house team and should we find any faults in your building or home’s electrical setup, we can arrange for our team to come in and fix whatever might be an issue.

Volts Electrical is based in the Gauteng Province and our services extend to all areas including Sandton, Midrand, Edenvale, Bedfordview, Centurion, Pretoria and Johannesburg. We are more than happy to give you an estimate, and if you have any questions about this particular service or any of the others that we have on offer, we are more than happy to help you.

We have many years of experience and our expert team is more than capable of tackling projects of all shapes and sizes.