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Volts Electrical is a registered ECB contractor in South Africa. For the past fifteen years, we have been supplying electrical services and maintenance to the commercial, domestic, and industrial market sectors in the country. Our company provides a twenty-four-hour emergency callout services to ensure that you have access to an electrician whenever you would need one in Bryanston. Find out more about our team of professional electricians in Bryanston, Fourways, Northcliff and surrounding areas, as well as other services that we offer in your area below. 

What Does an Electrician Do?

Electricians are people who install and work with electrical wiring systems and perform maintenance on these electrical systems that are found in our homes, working environments, and even large industrial machines. Electricians work either inside or outside, depending on their job. Without their skills, people across the world would not have access to lights, television, and even their appliances. 


Electricians are responsible for more than one type of job. For example, an industrial electrician will not have the same duties as that of a commercial electrician. This could even mean working with different types of machinery and equipment in order to get the task done correctly but, the main responsibilities of an electrician remain the same regardless of the industry that they work in. 


Electricians often risk being affected by injuries such as an electrical shock, falls, and even cuts. They are responsible for following strict safety procedures in order to avoid big accidents and even death.


Some of the skills which all electricians have in common include hand-eye coordination, fitness, a good sense of balance, confidence to use power tools, and even the ability to follow instructions at work.


At Volts Electrical, we have some of the most professional electricians working in Bryanston. Get in touch with our team today should you need an electrician to assist you with all of your electrical issues at home or in the office. 


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Electricians in Fourways

The Volts Electrical approach to electrical services is to always make our clients our number 1 priority. As our client, we pay careful attention what it is that you need, and we make sure that we do whatever we can to ensure that your needs are fully met. We take our clients through all of our service options, and through doing so, we will help you come to the right solutions.

Our quotes and estimations are all free, following a consultation which allows us to find out more about exactly what it is that you are looking for. If you are looking for an electrical team to work on your construction project or to add a new installation to your home, we will come to the site to evaluate the work to be done, before issuing an estimation.

Electrical Services

Our electricians working the Fourways area are not just dedicated to providing the best possible services at the most affordable prices, but we are also dedicated to being innovative and creative.

The most popular of our services include installations of power points and lighting, plug repairs, replacement of damaged cables, complete building wiring, and even light bulb replacements. We work on construction sites as well as in residential homes, and if your building has an electrical issue we can quickly have it sorted out for you.

We are available throughout the day to answer queries while our emergency electrical call out services are available 24/7.

Why Use Professional Electricians in Bryanston

When you have a project or issue which requires electricity at home or in the workplace, you could either decide to handle the situation all by yourself, or you could choose to use someone who has knowledge in the field. 

There are so many advantages of using an electrician to complete this work as opposed to doing it all by yourself and risking getting electrocuted, or even death, Sometimes, you may need to hire an electrician for an emergency at home or work which you may not have the knowledge to fix instantly The work that is provided by an electrician is guaranteed to be correct and conducted in the most safest manner. 

Below we discuss some of the main advantages of using our electricians for all of your electrical issues in Bryanston:


Using our professional electricians to assist you will ultimately save you more money over the long run. Often people make the common mistake of believing that if they fix the issue themselves, they can save money. This is a common mistake that could lead you to spend more money than you would if you hired an electrician to get the job done for you. 

Emergency Help

Calling on Volts Electrical team of electricians will ensure that you will receive the help that you need, even during an emergency. Electricity is hazardous because of the fact that misusing it could lead to death. Our electricians are always ready to assist you, even during an emergency. Never try to work on an electrical project all on your own to avoid severe damages. 

Safety Factor

As mentioned above, working with electricity is a very dangerous job that is best left to the professionals. All of our electricians are equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills needed in order to safely solve your electrical problems. Our electricians know the correct safety precautions to take to make sure that they get the job done in the safest manner. 

Experienced Professionals

A certified electrician has prior experience that they are bringing to your scenario. Finding a safe solution to a problem can become a tricky task however, this should be no problem for our skilled electricians. These individuals did undergo a series of training sessions in order to get the job done right. All of their previous training and experience allows the electrician to get to the root of a problem without wasting any time or money. 

Quality Services

By choosing to work with one of our electricians, you can rest assured knowing that your installations, maintenance, or repairs will be completed in the most accurate way possible. Volts Electrical offers quality services that go far beyond any DIY projects or other companies. 

Our Services at Volts Electrical 

Volts Electrical takes pride in offering quality and safe services to all of its customers in the Bryanston area. Taking time to interpret what our clients’ needs are have always been the driving factor in the success of the company. This helps us to create a more personalized experience for each and every single one of our customers in South Africa.


Some of the services which we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Plug repairs
  • Replacing damaged cables in a home, office, or factory site
  • Building wiring


Make sure to speak to our friendly staff members today to request a no-obligation quote today. We offer the most experienced and professional electrical services in Bryanston.


If you would like to use one of our skilled electricians in Branston, please feel free to contact us on 066 5153552 to speak to one of our support staff members today. Alternately, you are welcome to send through all of your electrical queries online or via e-mail too. If you are choosing to send them through online, be sure to fill all of your details on our online form before typing and sending your message through to us. Should you wish to e-mail your queries, please send them to info@voltselectrical.co.za. We look forward to helping you find safe solutions to all of your electrical problems soon.