Emergency Electrician Services Sandton

Quality, safety and service are the three focal points in everything we do, from changing a lamp to multi-megawatt supplies, we meet the highest standards and exceed compliance on all relevant legislation with a large number of accreditations, affiliations and certifications; we deliver on quality with a genuine personalization of service and attention to details, delivering on value engineering projects to ensure the most cost effective solutions for our clients’.

Design build and maintenance to bespoke specifications

Providing comprehensive build and design services is something our team really enjoys, having the opportunity to bring everything together the way it should be and resolving the individual challenges with innovative solutions. Whether supporting designers and architects or taking care of it all ourselves, we are able to offer the complete answers for our customers.

Data installations

The design and installation of data cabling is a common request from our clients to complete the administration side to their business. Generally Local Area Network (LAN) cabling is installed beneath suspended floors or within the framework of the building, supplying computers and telephones via panel mounted patch panels.

CCTV installations

Shopping centers, Business premises, Car-parks, and Private houses 1000 Volts Electrical has designed and fitted cameras to many varied sites, all with their own characteristics and idiosyncrasies. Connected to 24 hour recorders, infrared sensors and linked to powerful floodlighting if required, we are able to provide the necessary security measures for ease of mind today. An example is our involvement with the CCTV installation for 23 No. shopping centers and extensive CCTV installations around the South Africa.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm installations are nearly always included within our contractual obligations regardless of the size of contract or complexity of the installation required; typically our company has installed fire alarm systems for schools, doctors’ surgeries, offices and commercial premises.

Domestic electrical installations

Whether an extra power or lighting point is required our client’s requirements for domestic installations in this day and age are rapidly changing. Our company is constantly requested to design IT networks and telephone installations on a “flood wiring” basis throughout premises. This together with home cinema and even computerized lighting has become a common request, along with all aspects of general domestic wiring and fault finding.

Home Automation

In partnership with “Cyber homes” 1000 volts Electrical design and install fully automated home management systems into private properties controlling lighting, power, data, security and entertainment systems etc. As an example, our managing director’s house has run faultlessly for the past 10 years, providing worldwide remote control and warnings of telephone faults, power-cuts and security.

Work site temporary supplies

1000 volts Electrical carries an extensive stock of site temporary distribution panels, 400/230 -110volt transformers and 110volt fluorescent/festoon lighting, with stock item panels accepting loads of up to 3,000amps on three phase load distribution, all supplied with earth leakage protection. We are able to respond urgently to any given emergency, or alternatively plan and install a long term temporary solution to any on-going project. A typical example is the temporary 110volt fluorescent lighting and power of railway tunnel enabling refurbishment to be carried out by our client.

Building management services (BMS)

1000 volts Electrical design and install fully automated building management systems into industrial, commercial, private and public properties controlling lighting, power, data, security and entertainment systems.

Supply and installation of generators

Over our years of trading 1000 volts Electrical has installed many generators of varying sizes from hospital standby or temporary construction site supply to private single dwelling automatic mains failure (AMF) backup facilities. As an example, our company shipped and installed an 850kVA standby generator to the insurance companies as a backup for Eskom shutdowns.


Complete or part refurbishment is also a service that we are able to provide to customers, even (on occasions) relocating the source of the electrical supply to the client’s premises.1000 volts Electrical are proud to have provided the electrical services to the mechanical installation at the Hill fox shopping center, JHB, a contract in excess of R6.8M

Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)

Regardless of your needs our company is able to supply a solution to your UPS requirements, avoiding the loss of valuable data and providing clients’ with enough time in which to save their work and safely shut down their systems.

Power Factor Correction

In today’s environment of continually rising energy costs, users with high electricity bills would do well to consider a power factor correction survey by 1000 volts Electrical, to assess the possible savings that may be achieved by installing power factor correction, contact us today to arrange an initial consultation.

Street Lighting

Our company has provided the maintenance and supply of street lighting to many commercial and public applications, typical examples of street lighting include the supply and installation of 89 No. bespoke stainless steel lighting columns and lanterns to Stadiums Station around the country and 78 No. In addition 1000 volts Electrical has been instrumental in the supply, installation and maintenance of annual Christmas lighting and power for numerous councils and shopping Centre’s etc. 1000 volts Electrical maintains their own access equipment, capable of reaching heights of 70 feet.

Fibre Optic installations

1000 volts Electrical can also provide fiber optic cable installations for our customers; we recently installed and terminated (with our own fully qualified engineers) a total of 45,000 meters rising to a possible 120,000 meters for an on-going high security government contract with our security cleared personnel.

Cable fault location and repair

Another example of our expertise is our ability to locate, and repair by jointing, open circuit or faulty cables, regardless of size. Our record to-date is a 600 meter run of 4 core 400mm² SWA cable at the base of the Woolwich sea wall. The open circuit fault was pin-pointed within a meter and repaired and re-commissioned within 48 hours (including excavation and backfill).

Surge Protection

As a result of so many IT and power supplies being destroyed by lightning strikes and in accordance with the new 17th Edition Amendments of the I.E.T. Wiring Regulations, customers should consider a survey by 1000 volts Electrical regarding surge protection to their premises. As from January 1st 2012 surge protection is mandatory for all electrical installations.

Electrical Inspections (compliance of certificate)

1000 Volts Electrical offers a full test and inspection service to establish the safety of installations and on-going Condition/Periodic Inspection Reporting to identify any possible deterioration, regardless of how big or small. Full National Inspection Council for Electrical Contractors Association (ECASA) certification is issued by 1000 volts Electrical on completion of any repair or install by our electricians.

PAT testing

Our company regularly provides Portable Appliance Testing services. Individual tests taken on appliances are uploaded to our testing equipment and provided with an identity number; this is downloaded to an office computer and test record sheets are produced; a copy of which is provided to our client for verification of the safety of the individual devices and for continual annual monitoring of the equipment.

Continual or periodic maintenance services

We are able to offer a fully tailored maintenance program to suit all requirements. This could very well be outside the client’s own hours of working or indeed over an annual shutdown period. Whatever the need 1000 Volts Electrical will be able to develop a Planned Preventative Maintenance program to maximize our client’s productivity and electrical safety, minimizing any possible downtime.

Emergency call out service

24/7; whatever your electrical contracting requirement, we can be just about anywhere in Johannesburg and the Pretoria as capital within 2 hours. Whatever your electrical contracting requirements, from changing a lamp to a complete installation, you can rely on 1000 Volts Electrical to accommodate your needs, packaging long and short term solutions to every commercial and industrial requirement. Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation with one of our expert team.

Solar Energy for Backup Power

An Investment in Your Property. Not Eskom With Solar Power, you are INVESTING in YOUR HOME, not Eskom. If your household consumes R2500+ pm of electricity (or 1200 kilowatt-hours), then this is a viable option. The ‘typical model’ renders ±15 years of FREE electricity – and simply pays for itself. Minimize your reliance on Eskom (with their price hikes and load-shedding unpredictability and frustration) by investing in a tailored, alternative power solution for your home!

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial installations available