Solar Power Systems

Solar energy for backup power from one of the leading solar companies in Gauteng

Blackouts. Need we say more? South Africans are more than familiar with power cuts, and at Volts Electrical, we can make your blackout a little easier by offering solar energy backup power plan.

Our years of experience, coupled with all of the advancements in the electrical industry, particularly in the field of solar energy, means we are in the best position to make our clients’ needs our top priority. We have a wide range of products to supply to our clients and in doing so, we are able to give our clients more options. This versatility and flexibility is our super power, and it is what helps us to set our work apart from everyone else’s.

We offer the most affordable solar panel prices in Johannesburg and our team of solar installers is the best in Gauteng.

Solar power is the next step in complete freedom from the grid. Whether you are running a company, working from home, or simply wanting to avoid the inconvenience that comes with a power outage, solar is an ideal option. You might be interested in our CCTV installations and electrical inspections.

Did you know South Africa enjoys around 2500 hours of sunshine every year?

We sit in an advantageous position, when it comes to fully harnessing the unrelenting and renewable power of the sun. We have an abundance of sunny days, and considering that technology allows for sunlight energy to be stored in a battery, when you switch over to solar energy as your preferred method to backup your power, you will only benefit.

Compared to other forms of backup energy, solar is more affordable, reliable, requires no additional expenses (like buying gas or fuel), and it is quiet. Once it is installed, the system doesn’t need to be regularly replaced (if ever) and since it can be discreetly installed, it won’t bring down the value of the property.

And then there is the fact that solar power systems are not all gigantic installations, some are small but powerful appliances, perfect for if you just want to supply power to specific parts of the home or business.

We supply and install solar systems in all Gauteng suburbs

In this day and age, installing solar power in your home is a real financial investment. Once you make the switch over from Eskom power to generating your own power, you will find that within a relatively short space of time, your investment has paid for itself.

This investment is an option for anyone, but it is an especially good choice for those spending in excess of R2500 a month on electricity.

When you factor in the Eskom price hiking, and the continuous uncertainty of loadshedding, going solar is one decision you will never regret making. To get the most out of your solar investment, you should make sure that you have fully vetted the company you’d like to work with.

Volts Electrical knows how to get your home or business fully set up with a reliable solar powered system. We only work with the most reputable brands and with our experience, our team can quite quickly and easily have you set up and ready to generate power. As an alternative power solution, solar power is not going to let you down. But this all depends on the system you choose.

The Solar System Setup

The entire system consists of multiple components that are installed and work seamlessly together to generate power. Not raw power, but converted power that can be safely used in the home or office space. These are a few of the key components necessary for a safe solar system.

Solar Panels

Having solar panels is not enough. While they are an integral part of the system, seeing that they will receive the energy that will then need to be converted and stored, they are not the only important part of the system.

Solar Panels

But all solar system setups begin with a couple of panels. The number of panels you end up needing will depend entirely on how much power you want to generate. Volts Electrical will be able to help you determine the necessary number of panels when you book a consultation.


The charge controller is the part of the system that will control the rate at which the electric current is added to and removed from the battery. In a nutshell, this component is important because it regulates the voltage and in turn, ensures that the appliance doesn’t get damaged.  It will also ensure that the battery doesn’t get damaged either, by being overcharged.


Batteries come in a variety of different kinds, which makes it easy to select the one that is perfect for your specific needs. Solar batteries are a necessity, because you need a place to store your excess electricity which will come in handy on a cloudy day as well as at night. For optimal use, the batteries can be grouped together and it is important that you go for the battery that is both eco-friendly and has a long lifespan. This means you’ll get more out of your battery, as you won’t be replacing it often.


The key component that brings it all together is the inverter. The inverter converts the power collected by the panels and stored in the battery, and turns it into safe, usable energy. It also determines the amount of current released from the battery, so when selecting your system, our team will make sure that you are selecting the one that will best suit your purposes.

Solar Systems

Using solar power as your backup system or as your primary system is a smart move, and it will ensure that you are unaffected by loadshedding and other future power failures. And if you are unsure which system will be best, our consultants are experts when it comes to both assisting our clients in finding the right system, and doing the installation.

The best Solar panel systems

Our services are available across Gauteng, including the business hubs of Johannesburg and Pretoria, as well as in Sandton, Midrand, Centurions, Germiston, Edenvale, Bedfordviews and Alberton.